We support the osprey research project

AURAVIA LATVIA, in collaboration with The Latvian Fund for Nature, is starting a new campaign for supporting scientific research of osprey. The main objective of the campaign is raising awareness of the effect that water pollution has on ospreys and to remind that we should make more environmentally conscious choices.

Osprey is a bird of prey with a wingspan of more than 1.5 meters. They are found worldwide, but in Europe and in some other places this bird has a conservation status of endangered species. In Latvia, osprey is a rare species and is included in the list of specially protected bird species. Ospreys live near bodies of water that provide them with food as they feed almost exclusively on fish. They build nests in forested or swampy places, away from human populated areas. In the 1950s, osprey numbers drastically decreased, which was because of feeding on fish that accumulated DDT (at that time commonly used pesticide). That makes ospreys sensitive to water pollution, since fish are at the bottom of a food chain, accumulating most of the pollutants in their bodies. When we are using non-degradable surfactants in our households on a daily basis, we are contributing to the water pollution that affects ospreys.

It is important for us to take good care of our environment and its habitants; therefore it was decided to donate money for the osprey research.

You can watch ospreys all summer season live from web cams that are installed near their nests; you can also see osprey migration paths tracked by GPS trackers.

Osprey Live: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QHIwSM4CtgM#t=14388

 GPS tracker:

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