Industrial surface cleaning detergent concentrate AURA-PURE OC

Ecological detergent concentrate intended for cleaning of greasy and oily surfaces: painted and enamel surfaces, floors, walls, black metal, stainless steel surfaces, parking places, as well as asphalt and concrete surfaces for cleaning of industrial oils. Good cleaning and gently wash objects and surfaces. It provides gentle but powerful cleaning. The product does not contain dangerous substances. Product does not contain hazardous and dangerous substances and is biodegradable in water or soil environment. Product does not contain phosphates.

Usage: Product solution is applied to the dirty surface with a damp cloth or spray and wait for 5 minutes exposure time, scrub and rinse with water.

Recommended dosage: 30 to 100 ml of concentrate diluted in 1 L of pure water. Ready to use washing washing liquid concentration depends on the degree of surface dirtiness.

Water quality: In order to ensure washing efficiency and effectiveness it is recommended to use clean water with a total hardness of


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