AURA-PURE ST - detergent for soil contaminated with fossil fuel based products.

This detergent is designed for remediation of soil that is contaminated with fossil fuel based products. It is produced from natural raw materials, where basic components are a number of anionic surfactants which form a glycolipids class; these surfactants are obtained by organic synthesis, using biomass from brewers yeast and vegetable oils as the raw material. After the reference product is obtained, additional additives are used to improve the washing ability and physical properties of the surfactant. The final product is fully formulated from environmentally safe materials and it degrades in natural ecosystems within 10 days. In the production process of AURA-PURE-ST no additional treatment stages are applied; therefore the product contains many valuable compounds from yeast composition. These compounds promote microbiological degradation of the product after its intended use. These compounds also stimulate the development of microflora in a natural soil environment.

The most important characteristic for environmental compliance of surfactants is eco-toxicity, which is characterized by the impact surfactants make on freshwater species.

The eco-toxicity indicator for the AURA-PURE ST surfactant is about 5 times smaller in comparison with the value obtained from synthetic surfactants. In addition, the product is biodegradable, and therefore does not interrupt wastewater treatment processes. The relatively short time needed for degradation contributes to the complete product decomposition in biological wastewater treatment plants.

AURA-PURE ST eco-toxicity indicators (LC50):

  • Poecilia reticulata 55 mg/L
  • Daphnia magna 25 mg/L
  • Artemia salina 40 mg/L

AURA-PURE-ST contains surfactants that contribute to the reduction of surface tension of water from 72 to 28 mN/m; therefore water capacity for the wetting is increased. For this reason, waters ability to access pollution from fossil fuels in soil and to separate this pollution from porous surfaces is improved.

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